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How do we do it?
(and how long will it take?)

Firstly, let's talk about "How long will it take?".

Generally we quote an average removal time for consumer listings and as this removal time is just an average it should be used as an estimate only.
We have had success in removing some Credit Rating Defaults in as little as 3 days and others have been successfully removed after 11 months of constant hard work.
(There are no guarantees that the listing on your credit file will be removed.)
Each listing on your credit file is unique and as such we can only quote the averages over time.

The time it will take us to remove your specific default will depend on:

  1. the particular facts relating to your application, including the evidence required to support each party's claims,
  2. the amount of cooperation we receive from your creditor/s including how quickly they respond to our requests,
  3. the number of issues raised in your application,
  4. the volume (the more the better..) and relevance of information and supporting documents provided by you,
  5. the complexity of the legislation relating to your particular defaults.

Now let's look at how we remove incorrect listings from your credit file.

The first step is to get you to complete the MyCRA application form, remembering to add as much detail as you can. We'd rather receive a ream of documents than a "I didn't pay the bill" type of explanation.
Once we've received your fully completed application form, your application fee and a copy of your credit file, we'll look through all of the information you have given us and based on that information alone, we will determine if we think there is a chance of having the listing removed.
If there is a chance but we are in doubt at this stage, we will let you know and you can decide if you want to go ahead or not.

If we think there is a chance of getting your default removed (again, we will be basing this 100% on the information you provide to us in the application form..), then your application will have progressed to Stage 2 and we will ask you for the stage 2 fees.

Once we have received your payment for stage 2, we will request a series of documents from your creditor. Occasionally there are delays at this stage as some creditors are easier to get along with than others.
Creditors have up to 30 days to respond to a request for information

Once we receive the documents back from your creditor, we will compare them against your records and documents and look for anything that doesn't fit correctly.
We will also compare their documents and procedures to the appropriate legislation and make a judgement call about if the actions of the creditor were compliant with the legislation.

When we find areas of concern, we will advise the creditor of the mistake and ask that they amend or remove the listing as required.
If we determine that the creditor has met all of their legal requirements, we will look at any extenuating circumstances and determine if there is an avenue we can investigate to possibly have the listing removed.

Only once we have exhausted all possible avenues within our scope will we let you know that we were unsuccessful.
Whilst we have an outstanding success rate, unfortunately not all listings on all credit files can be removed..

Please note:
The details above refer to Consumer Credit Rating Defaults and listings. If you have a commercial listing on your credit file, The rules are completely different. While we have had a good amount of success in removing commercial listings, none of the normal guarantees or time frames apply.

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