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Meet Anthony Gough
Credit Repair Advisor

Anthonys Bio

"I am husband, father, brother, friend, and credit repair advisor for MyCRA. You will find that by talking to me I am not only easy to speak to, I'm also interested in helping everyone.  It is for this reason that my employment history has been only within customer support roles, both in the computer industry and finance industry. The reason that I excel in these positions is due to my ability to find a solution to any problem.  This also allows me to provide you with the highest levels of customer service, and advise you of your options.

There is nothing more rewarding than talking to someone that makes the decision to change their circumstances for the better.  I have caught up with many of the clients that I originally helped, and have now had their credit rating repaired through MyCRA.  This has allowed them to get finance when they had previously been declined, and were unable to get finance at all, or at much higher rates.  For me to help in this way..... is incredible.

If you wish to improve your current credit rating, give me a call so that I can provide you with a solution that works with your current situation."

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